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Watch Mindy's Video:

Mindy came in July 2017 she was abandoned and found in a parking lot on the south shore in the middle of the night ... just sitting there in the dark, not moving. A good Samaritan went over and picked her up and brought her to MHS.

We called our shelter veterinarian and gave Mindy an exam and took blood and did blood work. We named her Mindy, she was an old girl, about 17-18 years of age. When we got the blood work back, she was diagnosed with leukemia/lymphoma. We knew right then and there Mindy had a short time to live.

So we gave her the medication she needed daily and made her comfortable and gave her love, kindness, food, water and freedom. Mindy was with us for about 3 1/2 months. She was the most sweetest cat ever, she was a very sweet dainty lady with a very soft meow. Mindy would talk to you and love to be brushed and held in your arms. She enjoyed looking out the window all day long and sleeping as the raise of he sun came through the window. When it was time to eat she was ready to chow down and she did !!

Mass Humane Society was honored and it was such a pleasure for Mindy to be at our sanctuary shelter with us, the months she had left.

We want to Thank our shelter Veterinarian Dr. Joanne Keith for being there for Mindy and helping her.

Special Dainty Sweet Lady Mindy Girl, GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN !!

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