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8 Reasons Why You Should Never Declaw Your Cats

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for this important information about Plants & Pets.

Poisonous Flowers and Plants for Pets

Pet-Proofing – Keeping Your Home & Yard Safe For Dogs or Cats

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Adopting and Caring for Rescue Animals

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to help you match up, what you need for your pet (s) now!
Pet Insurance Guide


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Pet Safe House Plants


LOST and FOUND Pet Tips

Here are some tips for you to take action if you have LOST a PET or FOUND a PET.
** Please Read **

Go to and post your pet info & contact info. Post some pictures of the pet. (make sure you put the location of where the animal was last seen or found – street, city-town, state; also any markings on the animal and name of the animal.)
ALERT! DO NOT re-home your pet on CRAIGS LIST as FREE !!

Post on your Face Book (if you have a FB.)

Contact your local town newspaper and put in ad — missing lost pet.

Contact your town dog officer/ACO – leave info with officer, your local Police Department.

Contact surrounding town dog officer’s & ACO’s – leave the info with them.

Contact your local animal shelter or animal organization.

Post flyers of the missing pet on street telephone poles – 1/2 mile up your street and down your street on both sides of the street. Post flyers of the missing pet – one or two streets over from where you live.

Distribute missing pet flyers in the neighborhood around the location of the missing pet.

Find out if anybody is feeding cats.
Cats will roam and wander about 7-10 houses from your property.

Dogs will roam street by street. Drive down the streets around the dogs dinner time and call for the dog and bring a box of dog cookies — and shake the box. The dog cookie box will be heard by shaking the box. Dogs know the sound of shaking dog cookie boxes!

Get some cat dry food and shake the bag or box around dinner time at the door. Call your kitty’s name and shake the dry food.

Best Wishes for the Safety of the missing or found Pet!

Pet Friendly Apartments

Click on Zumper link to learn more about “pet friendly apartments”

Check out the Pet Friendly Housing for you and your pets!

For pet owners, the inability to find pet friendly housing is one of the leading causes of animal abandonment. You can modify your search for just pet friendly housing on their website by choosing the “Pet Policy” option from the “Amenities” tab at the bottom of the page.

Puppy Scams and Puppy Mills

ALERT! Update!

Buyer Beware:
Puppy Scams Thrive Online

Stop Puppy Mills